Monday, 9 March 2015

Getaway in Style: Phuket

Hi, I’m Nadia.

 I am currently finding the best place for my honeymoon. Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore are on my short list. So, when I read about contest from FashionValet and The Luxe Nomad#fvtlngetaway, I was like "what a coincidence?" It is like “pucuk dicita, ulam mendatang” in Malay quotes. Hehe.

Why I’d like to stay in Paresa Phuket?
 I can imagine how the feeling while staying there by their tagline, Paresa, Heaven of all Heavens. The location is just perfect and strategic, the resort is built in between tropical forest landscape with a great view facing the beautiful Andaman Sea as you can see in the picture below. This resort is located at Kamala, Phuket. I am a nature lover and of course to see the view has made me wanderlust!

 The architecture is respecting the mother nature, earth tone brickwork perfectly blends with tropical vegetation. For me, when you visit another country, it is good if we can feel their culture, architecture, art and tradition and Paresa Resort are modern, luxury resort, but also good interpretation of South Thai design characteristic as you can see in their room design. It’s just a perfect combination of cozy, romantic and sweet escape for two. 

Two things that attract me so much which are the restaurant and the infinity pool. One of their restaurants is so strategic where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset view while having your meal. And infinity pool always makes me excited!

As we know, FashionValet have a variety of choices for any occasion. And I have two inspirer in fashion. They are FashionValet founder, Vivy Yusof and fashion blogger, Raja NadiaSabrina. I love how they mix and match and the output is so amazing, modesty and clean look.

So, here my choices of style while I was there inspired by these two persona.


A - Kimono Top in Beige (FV BASICS)
B - Satin Palazzo Pants in White (Rina Salleh Clothing)
C - Crepe Shawl in Strawberry Parfait (dUCk)
D - Aeryn Bag in Pink (SHALS)
E - Naida Shoes in Beige (CIPELA Shoes)

This combination is maybe can be styled on arriving at Paresa Resort. Loose, relax, pastel colour as to create a mood of honeymoon and feel the breeze of the Andaman Sea.


 A - Sofia Cardigan in Orange (Madeena)
B - Baku Congo Maxi Dress in White (Sunny Girl)
C - Bamboo Scarf in Sapphire Ice (dUCk)
D - Tia Bag in Indigo (Thirtyfour)
E - Melissa Artemis + Jason Wu in Grey (Melissa)

This style is when I go walking along the beach with my future husband or have a romantic dinner while waiting for sunset. ^_^

A - Devika Kimono Cardigan in Daffodil (Noona <3 b="" fashionvalet="">)
B - Refugee Boyfriend Jeans in Bleach (House of Bubblegum)
C - Peachskin Scarf in Pineapple Breeze (dUCk)
D - Overnighter Bag in Hunter Green and Dark Brown (MISCHA)
E - Stripes Weekend Espadrilles in Mustard (CIPELA Espadrilles)

This one is for the last day. Bright colour in order to avoid sadness to say “good bye” to Paresa resort. Jeans and flat shoes is to get ready to explore Phuket before going back to Malaysia. Hehe.

I’d like to win a stay at Paresa Phuket on The Luxe Nomad because it is just perfect location, luxury resort with amazing surroundings for my honeymoon with my future husband as I will get married soon. Getaway in Style! FashionValet and The Luxe Nomad can make this into reality. 

Thank you!

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Tutorial : Pasang LinkWithin pada Blog


Hari ni nadia nak share tutorial pasang LinkWithin pada blog.

1. Klik pada link nadia bagi kat atas tu, then isi form.

2. Klik Get widget, then akan appear macam ni..Klik dekat install widget tu..

3. Kemudian akan keluar macam ni,

4. Klik 'Add Widget' button then dia akan terus direct ke layout blog korang. Make sure korang dah log in siap-siap. Then, pindahkan gadjet 'LinkWithin' tu di bawah gadjet 'Blog Posts'.

5. Untuk tukar tajuk yang appear kat blog korang tu, klik edit pada gadjet dan tambah kod HTML di bawah ni, 'Your custom text : ' tu padam dan gantikan ayat korang sendiri.

6. Siap! ^_^

tu je, senang je kan.
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