Thursday, June 16, 2011


tengok tajuk entry,style kan... =)
contest by sandra azwan...nak join??? click here!

1. Tell us about your blog in 70 words or less. (When and why you started it, how often you update, and your viewers)
-i mula register blog i since april 2010 but masa tu i tak pandai sangat dalam dunia blogging ni...i just upload my project in interior design...after that,my blog terbengkalai je sehinggalah i habis my diploma in may 2011...i start aktif blogging and learn blogging technique from other blog is not specified to one theme only...sometimes,it can be about tips,fashion,my personal life,general information,my opinions,recipes and others...i love read blogs but before this i don't have much time to be serious in blogging but now i think it is the time...i have update my blog either daily or 3-4 entry per week and for now,i have about 140 followers and i will improve my writing to impress my readers in the same time,increase my followers...Insyallah...

2. What is your personal style?
-I don't specified with one style at one time because i am a fashion lovers...i also love vintage and try to mix and match my outfits as well as i can to be confident infront others...i'm wearing hijab and i choose fashion which i'm comfortable with...i always bear in mind this words "inspired but not copy"...i'm inspired fashionistas in the same time,proud to be myself as well...

3. A picture of you in one of your favorite outfits:

4. Are you the next Malaysia’s Top Female Blogger 2011? Why?
-i'm just try my luck...tak salah kan...i have my own dream to be the best blogger through the quality of writing,personality and, i think this is the best platform to fulfil my dream.... =)

5. I love to read ‘Life with Sandra…..’ because?
-actually i just know this blog through MTT...but through my reading, Sandra has passion in his art works,fashion and i love to see his design...that's the point,i love fashion and now, i love read "life with Sandra'!!!


  1. Hello Nadia...Thanks for joining this special contest.....good luck!;-)

  2. o mann xleh laa..=((( huhu

    BTW thanks sebab singgah my blog..=)

  3. tunggu lar sandra wat next top male blogger pulak biggie! =)

  4. good luck dear...oh kalo sis memang laaa tak layak...awal2 lagi kne tolak...hahahaha

  5. thank you,lahh kenapa pulak...contest ni tak ada ikut ketinggian dan berapa ramai bilangan followers sebab tu i berani join...hehehe....


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